Types of SEO Techniques

The SEO techniques of obtaining traffic from a search engine’s free organic, natural search results are known as search engine optimization (SEO). Primary search is shown and listed by all major search engines. For example, Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

They rank web pages and other content, such as videos, local search, and listings based on several factors. The search engines consider the most relevant content higher rank to show to the user. Now, let’s look at the different forms of SEO techniques.

Let’s listen to Neil Patel before we proceed to the common SEO techniques

On-page SEO Techniques

This is what we call it when you use different optimization strategies on your blog. This is accomplished by incorporating keywords (the words or a phrase that defines the blog’s central topic). If you’re writing about weight loss on your fitness page, for example, weight loss will be your keyword.

These keywords should appear in your:

  • page’s title
  • meta description
  • URL structure (slug)
  • alt attributes of any photos you use
  • different points in your site, such as headings and the main body

You must also configure your image. Your material is the other thing that matters, and it matters a lot. I mean that your content should react to the question that the blog as a whole is attempting to address. It is well responding to a search purpose.

Off-page SEO Techniques

It’s something about which you have very little control. What you’re attempting to do here is provide legitimacy for your blog’s credibility by having a person of authority and credibility in your industry vouch for you. Obtaining a backlink from him/her is one way to accomplish this.

What exactly does that imply?

This person includes a link to your blog on his website. But now, a search engine will consider your page valuable because it has been endorsed by another website that is reputable and has authority on the internet and in the industry.

Universal Search Engine Optimization

Any optimization you do for your content, but on platforms that aren’t designed for a specific type of content, is considered universal SEO.

You can optimize your video listing on YouTube, pictures on Pinterest, audio on Soundcloud, and slides on Slideshare, for example. In other words, the content is being optimized on a public forum. This primarily entails using keywords (as described in the first point) in the title, definition, and file name that you upload to each of these platforms.

Imagine going to the most popular party in town and then becoming the most popular thing there. That is universal SEO, my friend.

Local Search Engine Optimization

This is a reasonably straightforward procedure.

Assume that you have a nearby brick-and-mortar shop that sells supplements and gym accessories in addition to your fitness blog. Now, and only then, is it reasonable to do so?

You go to “google my business” and fill in all of the information about your shop, such as name, phone number. Address, map location, operating hours, etc., and then list it on Google.

Technical SEO

If you come across two people talking about SEO and you have no idea what they’re talking about, they’re probably discussing technical SEO.

As the name implies, professional SEO is technical. This is where you describe your web layout, where you communicate with Google about mistakes on your page, where Google sends you alerts when you do something you shouldn’t, and where you can see Google indexing and ranking your blog on the search results page based on how you optimize your blog according to points 1 and 2 above.

types of seo techniques

White Hat SEO Techniques

It is a form of search engine optimization that uses ethical techniques.

Genuine link-building strategies such as guest blogging, broken link building, and infographic submission are all part of this form of SEO. This is a safe link-building strategy that will not damage your blog in any way.

Gray Hat SEO Techniques

These methods fall somewhere between white and black hat. They include fabricating stories to get attention on major websites, purchasing related spam-free expired domains, creating websites on them, spinning posts on a blog, and various other techniques.

Black Hat SEO Techniques

This is the riskiest and quick-win SEO strategy. We use this technique to fool Google’s SEO algorithm and obtain fast rankings for any keywords. This included purchasing links from websites, hacking websites to insert spammy links, performing 301 redirects with expired domains, bulk commenting, and bulk profile development, among other things.

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