SEO for E-commerce

Obtaining a successful e-commerce SEO strategy is no longer a certainty in the hectic smartphone era, where all is a simple Google search.

This is popular especially during this long and boring pandemic when everyone is staying at home. When a product comes to our mind, we would search on Google to research before buying.

The question is, is your e-commerce store on the first page of Google?

E-commerce SEO Tutorial from Ahref

Why Is SEO Important for E-commerce?

Sadly, there is little or no reason to configure your e-commerce platform for search engine optimization (Search Engine Optimization). Developing an SEO plan for an e-commerce website is notoriously difficult. This is because businesses cannot commit a specific budget to their online marketing campaigns.

SEO for E-commerce

1. Google Understands Your Store

SEO increases and improves your website’s content, code, and structure so that Google understands them better. To ensure that the Google bots realize who you are and what you’re for, you must do on-page and off-page SEO.

2. Free Organic Traffic

With proper planning, SEO can help you generate page traffic. Optimization lets search engines know what your online store is all about. It can also be used to monitor traffic to your company.

3. Customers Understand Your Store

Your e-commerce website’s SERP feature is to make it available on the search engine results list. By letting the customer know about your product or service, it is easier to attract the right traffic.

For example, our SERP let customers know that we provide digital marketing services like SEO:

SEO for E-commerce

4. Cost Saving from Advertisement

There are several other ways to increase the e-commerce website visibility on the SERPs (SERP). However, you will need to pay Google for SEM (Search Engine Marketing). This will let your SERPs appear on the top section of the first page of Google immediately.

Take some time to develop an intentional SEO strategy before going through the other paid strategies. Check your e-commerce site if you need to develop and refine your website. Match your technical SEO with your company’s growth. In the long run, you save a lot of money when your page is ranked on the first page organically.

How SEO Helps E-commerce Owners

SEO (search engine optimization) is a marketing strategy that aims to increase the website’s exposure to organic search engine results. It drives traffic and eventually raises brand awareness. The primary platforms by which potential consumers can locate the goods and content they need are search engines.

1. Appear Nearby Your Customer

Your goods and services cover a more comprehensive geographical location, and this enables your nearby customer to find you. Optimizing your e-commerce platform for search engines, on the other hand, would increase the amount of traffic that comes to your site by organic means. E-commerce SEO will assist you in ensuring that you receive high-quality traffic to improve your search engine ranking.

Google My Business will also increase your business visibility online based on location.

Google My Business

2. Targeted Leads and Customers

You can study what is trending from Google Trends for free to decide on which keyword to optimize. An e-commerce SEO agency like us can help you analyze your target market for free too. We can help you analyze your keywords for your niche. Also, we study your competitors and give suggestions on how to improve your SEO. If you appear more frequently in searches, your sales will increase through high-quality lead conversion.

3. Generate Interests from Cold Leads

The development of an e-commerce website increases your company’s exposure by making it more accessible to search engines. On top of that, blogging is an excellent aspect of your e-commerce SEO platform.

When it comes to an e-commerce site, an active blog plays a significant role. Blogs can update prospects on the latest trend or technology and generate interest in a way. For example, the customer is likely to buy a dress from an e-commerce store that updates the trends frequently. They might just buy following the fashion suggestion and styling tips. It will definitely perform better compared to an e-commerce store with just a listing of dresses.

So, can you optimize yourself?

Why not? All it takes to rank on the first page are patience and consistency. Of course, your product or service needs to be great.

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