Lead Generation

Lead generation is extremely important for a business to sustain and grow.

There are a few services to generate leads efficiently. The paid service can be for the short term while the free service to generate organic leads is more sustainable.

Lead Generation Services

Lead Generation
  1. Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin)
  2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
search engine optimization (seo) for lead generation

Free and Sustainable Lead Generation

  1. SEO in the long run (Consistent organic leads passively)
  2. Email Marketing (Active)

Challenges in Lead Generation

Are you great at running your own business … but feel overwhelmed when it comes to digital marketing?  Do you struggle to get new leads? 

Most importantly, do you want to increase leads and sales, but aren’t sure what approach to take? To learn how just overcome the challenges below…

What are the marketing challenges?

  • Not Enough Leads
  • Email Marketing with no Engagement
  • Low Leads Conversion
  • Zero New Sales

Lead Generation Strategies Step by Step

1) Generating Enough Leads

Generating Enough Leads can be a huge marketing challenge.

It all begins with lead generation based on your industry. 

Based on the findings in your industry…

  • obtain valid emails from a few databases
  • carry out an email marketing strategy to filter and reach your best prospects so that you don’t have to waste your time to filter it.
  • develop engaging content in the email based on your product or solution in the industry to attract the right prospects. With the right prospects, the chance of closing the sales is now higher..

By taking advantage of these proven strategies, you will notice measurable results, so you enjoy a steady stream of new warm leads!

2) Email Marketing to Generate Leads

Email Marketing that has no engagement is equivalent to spamming. You will be blocked soon if you fail to engage a few times with your audience.

email marketing for lead generation

Here is how email marketing works.

  • create engaging content in email marketing campaigns
  • A/B split test to determine the best campaign
  • get up-to-date data to email
  • Use services like MailChimp to analyze and sort your leads into cold and warm leads based on the response. The warm leads are the ones that read the email and click on our link in the email. The cold leads don’t do so.
  • Focus on the warm leads by email communication or cold calling to market your product or solution.
  • For the cold leads, retarget by sending different engaging content to their emails until you get results.

Make full use of your warm and cold leads to maximize your sales conversion!

3) Converting Leads to Customers

You are leaving your money on the table if you ignore low lead conversion.

Sales closing will take time as we need to talk to the right contact to close. It happens in the B2B industry. For B2C, it is pretty straight forward.

For B2B, you need to…

  • get a clear purchasing path from marketing to closing sales.
  • obtain the information like purchase timeline and the budget allocated.
  • schedule an appointment or virtual call for you to close sales.

With these strategies, it simplifies the sales closing process!

4) Having a Steady Stream of New Sales

Having a steady stream of new sales is extremely important for sustainability and growth of a company.

Lead generation to sales

A good after-sales service is an important factor to get new sales by referral or repeat sales.

  • contact your existing customers to follow up and make sure they are satisfied with your product or service.
  • get referrals, testimonials, or reviews if they are satisfied.
  • then find out if they will have additional needs to purchase again and repeat the whole process to their referrals.

With new leads & sales from referrals and repeat sales, your business will definitely grow sustainably!!

To learn more about how your business can achieve sustainable growth, revenue, and market share you desire, feel free to contact us for free SEO consultation!